Cora Lujerului Hypermarket

2005 / Bucharest, ROMANIA

Conarg Group has provided the following services in order for the project to develop flawlessly through the entire operation:


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Cora Hypermarket Lujerului


Cora belongs to Romania Hypermarche company, which is linked to Louis Delhaize French-Belgian group. The first cora was opened in Romania in 2003 in Bucharest Pantelimon neighborhood. Next was Cora Lujerului opened in 2005 following an investment of 2,850,000 Euro. Cora Hypermarket Lujerului has a built area of 28,474 sq m and a parking lot of 4,634 sq m. Currently Romania Hypermarche operates 11 hypermarkets four of which are in Bucharest and the rest in the province. In 2013 the group inaugurated in Cora Lujerului the first online supermarket with delivery drive type - coradrive.

Conarg was the constructor of Cora Lujerului the project being delivered in 10 months.


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