Media Galaxy - Dermatina Mall

2015 | Timisoara, ROMANIA.

Conarg Group has provided the following services in order for the project to develop flawlessly through the entire operation:


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Media Galaxy Store - Dermatina Mall. Fit-out


Media Galaxy is a network of wide area stores, reflecting the passion for technology and the devices that facilitates the access to information and the connection with others. Through the generosity of the exhibition space of over 3,000 sq m store, and due to the selected range of products and brands, Media Galaxy is a benchmark in electro-IT retail in Romania. The brand offers consumers the freedom to choose from a selection of over 10,000 products available in one location. Conarg AG made the fit-out for Media Galaxy store to be opened in NEPI’s Mall in Timisoara. Conarg AG performed drywall works, paintings, metal, fire and wood door delivery, epoxy paintings, mounted tiles and lamellar grating metallic ceiling.


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