QAB Refreshments Factory

2009 | Ilfov, ROMANIA

Conarg Group provided the following services in order for the project to develop flawlessly through the entire operation:


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Quadrant Amroq Beverages. Refreshments Factory


In Romania, PepsiCo owns two factories: one for snacks (Popesti Leordeni, inaugurated in 1995) and one for refreshments. The latter, located in Dragomireşti, Ilfov county, opened in September of 2009. Conarg was responsible for the construction of the factory in Dragomiresti, which lasted 13 months and has been concluded in March 2009. The production facility spreads over 30,000 sq m built area and some other 25,000 sq m ancillary areas.
PepsiCo has a rich portfolio of brands in Romania, both on for soft drinks and for snacks. Together with other 44 countries, PepsiCo Romania is part of PepsiCo Europe division, the leading beverage and food products in Europe, with over 50,000 employees.


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