Environmental Policy

In Conarg companies, we make efforts to reduce our environmental impact, conserving natural resources such as water, earth, air and bio-diversity, by saving energy and disposal of waste. Our commitment to the environment is consistent with both our corporate responsibility policy but also with the company’s long-term profitability strategy.

We build in harmony with nature, to protect the environment.

A key objective, a fundamental condition for sustainable development of Conarg Group is the environmental protection, achieved through legal compliance and legal authorization to conduct activities with environmental impact.

Since its foundation, Conarg showed interest to protect nature, to respect the circuit conversion of matter and energy, imperative which become viable only if we endorse and fully respect the laws of nature conservancy. To confirm this conviction, the company has implemented and certified a quality-environment-occupational health and safety integrated management system.

Green buildings are structures built by procedures that take into account environmental protection and resources economy. This notion expands and complements the classical principles of building regarding the economy, utility, durability and comfort.

New technologies continue to emerge for creating green structures, and each of this has the overall goal to reduce the impact of construction on the environment and consequently on human health by:

  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources;
  • Protecting the health of the building users;
  • Waste minimization, pollution and environmental degradation.


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