Social Responsibility

At Conarg, we are committed to consciously building our future and creating perfect perspectives for the next generations. From developing new and impressive buildings to refurbishing and reshaping urban spaces, which enhance knowledge, dialogue and cooperation, our philosophy is guided by our two-generation legacy and inspired by our common vision for excellence.

Our company’s core values are driven by a desire to improve life, achieve product excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, protect the environment and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.

Our corporate responsibility approach is aligned with the company’s mission and values and articulates how we see our responsibilities on five axes of priority: health and safety, environmental policy, adherence to internationally certified practices, equitable human resources policy, ethics and transparency.

Occupational Health & Safety

Our company has set the goal of "zero accidents" and, in order to achieve it, it constantly invests in proper safety equipment and technologies, as well as in training sessions for employees. According to official reports, in 2015, the Conarg there were no fatal accidents, nor any accidents in which employees required medical leave.

Environment protection

A key objective, a fundamental condition for sustainable development of Conarg Group is the environmental protection, achieved through legal compliance and legal authorization to conduct activities with environmental impact.

Adherence to internationally recognized practices

Currently, the entire activity of the Conarg AG company is carried out under an Integrated Management System (Quality - Environment - Occupational Health and Safety) implemented and certified according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, SA:8000, ISO: 27001 for quality, environmental protection, information security, health and safety at work management.

Fair employment practices

In Conarg diversity and equality in the processes of recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees are encouraged. But the nature of Conarg AG company activity is less attractive to some segments; thus, at company level, women represent 17.64% of total employees. Besides ensuring the employees rights, the company permanently strives to provide good working conditions and professional development opportunities by offering access to regular trainings for each organizational level.

Ethics and transparency

Conarg Companies operates under a Code of Conduct that establishes clear rules regarding relationships with customers, suThe principles of ethics and transparency that the company adheres to applies both to employees and to all partners and subcontractors, ensuring a maximum level of compliance regarding:

  • Compliance with all national laws and regulations in force
  • Ensuring a procurement procedure based on competence and performance, which follows the client's interest in all stages of project implementation

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Conarg show their commitment and involvement to the communities in which they operate by identifying and solving existing needs, recognizing excellence and supporting humanitarian causes.

One of the community supported projects is the renovation of Cacica library in Suceava county. The action was intended to encourage the library use as a community space by increasing citizens visits and participation, but also to enhance awareness among the population regarding benefits of a responsible attitude towards environmental protection.

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