Conarg AG holds extensive background Construction Management, General Contracting and Design&Build. Our company takes a 360° approach to construction projects, providing the full range of services required to deliver landmark buildings that are completed economically and efficiently. We succeed by ensuring permanent cooperation, communication and coordination with all our partners.

Construction Management

As a Construction Manager, Conarg AG has represented owners through the design and construction process. We apply a rigorous methodology to planning, scheduling, estimating and develop a thoughtful approach to the overall construction phase. Every time the project team faces issues, our strength comes from employing the entire know-how of our company to reach the most effective solutions. By doing so, we ensure a smooth construction process, avoiding distruptions and delays which often result in loss of time and valuable resources.

General Contractor

Acting as general Contractor for hundreds of projects to date is the strongest referral to the high standards of our work. Our project teams provide outstanding value and service for a wide variety of complex and challenging projects. We have established relationships with reputable subcontractors locally, regionally and nationally and have the ability to gather promptly and effectively the right team for any challenge. At the owner’s request, Conarg AG has the ability to self-perform certain aspects of the projects.

Design & Build

Our expertise also extends to Design&Build Construction. After first examining the specifications of the owner, our in-house team of professionals with an extensive experience, come up with the most suitable solution and work closely with our constructor’s team. They act as a cohesive Design & Build unit, with the designer developing the building’s specifications, while performing also the constructability review. During construction, our Design-Build Team then acts as the single source of information for all design and construction issues. This creates a more effective line of communication between everyone involved with the project, which leads to a more successful project delivery system.


Conarg AG holds a solid and comprehensive expertise in the key aspects of construction, managing to deliver end-to-end projects, to the most complex technical and qualitative standards. Our competencies comprise, without being limited to, the following areas:

  • General Contractor for civil, industrial, technical and urban engineering, multifunctional steel;
  • Halls, roads, bridges, upgrade, repairs, structure’s consolidation, installations;
  • Design, consulting, technical expertise and verifications, laboratory services;
  • Design and execution of electrical internal installations for civil and industrial engineering and of aerial and subterranean embranchments at 0, 4 KV, of open or in cable lines, with voltage between 0,4– 20 KV, and of transformer points;
  • Materials, products, equipment, accessories and components furniture for constructions and installations;
  • Steelwork, reinforcement molding, prefabricated concrete steel.
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