Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is fundamental to the health and functioning of a community, being often described as the physical component of an interrelated system that provides essential services and facilities to enable, sustain and enhance the lifestyle of society. It is the circulatory system that nourishes all the capillaries of the cities and allows the operation of all public services.

Conarg group has the skills and competencies needed to perform complete works in the field of water supply networks and sewerage, be it by excavation, canals draining or hydraulic projects: support walls, drainage channels, hydraulic and hydro works, bridges, lagoons, excavation, scraping, drains, foundations, piles, embankments, slopings, etc.

Our professional civil construction team offers extensive experience, transparent cost control, financial strength, integrity, and a commitment to any project supported by a foundation of quality and workplace safety.


  • extension of existing water supply and sewerage
  • water branching and drainage channel connections
  • pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants installation, septic tanks, grease separators


Conarg group has been involved in the extension and rehabilitation of the conveying main distribution network and sewerage network in Topoloveni, Arges, as well as in the construction of the Renault test tracks in Titu, 32 km of trails and tens of testing stands of all types: endurance, extreme cold, rain, sun exposure etc.

Water supply networks

  • abstraction from surface sources works
  • groundwater abstraction works
  • adductions, tanks, pumping stations
  • water treatment plants
  • distribution networks
  • tunnels and micro-tunnels

Sewage networks

  • sewage networks in divisor system, unitary and mixed
  • tunnels and micro-tunnels
  • sewage pumping stations
  • wastewater treatment plants of urban waste water
  • industrial wastewater treatment



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