A People’s Company

People are the most valuable resource for Conarg group. We permanently aim to recruit and retain within our team those people and personalities that are in harmony with our mission and vision, to create the perfect perspectives for business, communities and people.

Our vision matches your ambitions

Conarg Companies offer a dynamic working environment, where the multitude of projects ensure exposure to a variety of work experience to any ambitious professional and the chance to be involved in building benchmarks for prestigious clients and acquire knowledge in various sectors and geographic areas. We encourage new and innovative ideas in all aspects of our business, and we intend to be constantly at the forefront of the construction industry, both in terms of know-how of staff and technical solutions that we provide.

Consciously raising sustainable projects

At Conarg, we have a firm commitment to protect health and safety, starting with Group employees and continuing with all those who benefit from our buildings. To this end, we have established rigorous work procedures that ensures a clean and free of accidents environment on each site, and strong, safe and sustainable buildings on construction’s completion.

Permanent learning opportunities

We attach great importance to the personal and professional development of our employees, whom we provide learning opportunities in the workplace, training programs and specialization for all organizational levels and at all stages of career, competitive retribution schemes, attractive benefits packages, merit recognition, all in a harmonious environment that encourages collaboration and sharing of resources and knowledge.

Together, we build great careers

The Conarg group core consists of talented professionals with extensive experience in construction, whose accomplishments are recognized on the market. What keeps us together is the passion to achieve excellence in everything we do and deliver projects of the highest standards to support the business and to shape the image of the community.

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