Conarg Construct specializes in the manufacture and assembly of metallic structures, as in the production of shaped reinforcement, proudly carrying forward the over 30 years tradition in constructions of the Conarg Group.

The company provides full services, ranging from design, manufacture and installation of steel structures for industrial, agricultural and civil constructions, road and railway infrastructure, thermal industrialand process equipment.


Design, manufacture and installation

Of steel structures for heavy road and railway infrastructure projects and for industrial, agricultural and civil constructions

Technical assistance and optimization

Within the project phase for both the machining and the assembly stages

Machining of metallic confections

The technology used guarantees the quality and safety of the resulting product

Forming of concrete reinforcement steel

manually or mechanically modeling by quotas which are shaped bars provided in the project

Treatment and coating of surfaces

Technically approved corrosion protection and fireproof paint or anticorrosive protection by galvanizing

Installation of metal structures

Installation will be completed in the position intended in the draft, taking measures to ensure its maintenance during the pour of concrete



    • Company Tradition

      Construieste-ti cariera alaturi de Conarg!

      The over 30 years legacy of Conarg group motivates us to get better every day, defining new industry standards every day and building perfect perspectives for business and society.

    • Durability

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      True values are lasting across generations. Conarg Construct builds structures that withstand the test of time and become landmarks and active hubs for people and for communities.

    • Quality of Products and Services

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      Our commitment to quality is focused on building exceptional projects, but starts from the day-to-day relationship with the client, the communication process and the entire network of support services.

    • Health & Security

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      People are the most valuable resource of Conarg Construct: employees, partners, clients, beneficiaries. Their health and safety are essential throughout the projects’ course and after their completion.


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