Talent Management

Collaboration at all company’s levels is the most valuable resource for professional and personal development. Thus, sharing experience and mutual support are the defining elements of Conarg philosophy. Continuous learning at the workplace, as the promotion and distribution of the best practice models, are constant realities for the entire organization.

Throughtalent management,we aim to developa generous incubator forfuture leadersonall the hierarchical levels. To anticipateandcapitalize onopportunities thatchange can bringinthe company andindustry, we encourage innovation andexchange of ideas,knowledge and experiencein allorganization’s functions.


Each individual requires a favourable environment and tailored support to their specific needs to achieve the full potential. Our deep belief is that people who gain satisfaction from their work are more dedicated, more balanced and more motivated to perseverate, regardless of barriers. At Conarg, we are committed to provide each professional with the chance of identifing their vocation, to be the best in their field and to get recognition for their efforts.

With a communication and open doors culture, we offer to all our employees access to specialized expertise and counsels of leaders in the construction industry, enshrined professionals whose names binds with some of the most grandiose and ambitious projects in Romania.
Anyone in the organization can seek or offer advice and support to the colleagues. As mentors, Conarg managers help their colleagues and subordinates to understand the particular context of their activity, and also the framing of their work in the larger broader of the organization, to establish their long term career goals, action plans on the short and medium term and to get involved in those projects that are appropriate to their competence and in accordance with their professional growth objectives.

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