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The metal components design and the production preparation are done by the interrelation between the project and the machining process. The method is automated, based on exports from specialized software – CAD, 3D – thus ensuring the optimization of raw material consumption and the effectiveness of production costs.

The main stages of the design process are:

  • Defining the project in three-dimensional format
  • Resistance calculation and optimization of metal structure
  • 3D Simulation
  • Define sub-assemblies and parts. Drawing up the 2D execution plan
  • Define the necessary quantitatives and the quality standards. Identification of raw materials and suppliers
  • Develop the production and assembly schedule

Metallic confections for industrial, agricultural and civil buildings

Steel resistance structures are the hard core of any modern edifice. Their rigid silhouette forms the lasting skeleton of the cities, factories, and the agricultural production or logistics facilities.

Conarg Construct designs, constructs, delivers and assembles resistant metal structures and annexed elements of the buildings, halls, warehouses, workshops and industrial and agricultural buildings, metal confections for installations and equipment.

Our products confer a professional look and ensure the resistance in time, due to the high level of finish achieved in the blasting and painting sector. The components are manufactured and assembled in the Conarg Construct workshop, prior to delivery to site.

By synchronizing the latest equipment and technologies with the experience and expertise of a professional team, Conarg Construct provides its customers with several features that later turn into competitive advantages for their buildings:

  • Standard components of the structure can be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of each project;
  • The technical solutions offered are easily integrated into the project design
  • Installation is quick and in high safety conditions;

Metallic confections for road and railway infrastructure projects

Conarg Construct executes steel structures for viaducts, culverts, cable-stayed bridges, railways and roads of all types bridges: beams embedded in concrete, truss, continuous beam with full heart.

By exploiting the material properties of steel and by the high degree of precast production, projects implementation is fast and the costs are minimal.

Conarg Construct offer covers every aspects, from steel manufacturing and processing to installation and structure mounting.


Process and thermal industrial installations

Execution and installation of equipment and technological pipelines for oil and gas industry and fuel distribution.


Shaped reinforcement

In accordance with the reinforcing plans Conarg Construct can process the smooth profile and regular type OB 37, PC 52, BST 500 concrete steel, with diameters between 6-12 mm for coils and and 8-32 mm for bars, in the following forms:

  • Stirrups with different sizes;
  • One or both ends cut and shaped bars, with different angles and geometries for columns, beams and other similar items.

Upon delivery, the merchandise is accompanied by all necessary documents, including quality certificate and labels, which allows:

  • accurate identification of the shaped reinforcement;
    • client, project, plan, item, brand, material, batch, number of pieces, shape;
  • tracking the traceability of shaped concrete steel bars.
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