Fire protection work

CONARG CONSTRUCT is authorized by IGSU Bucharest in accordance with OMAI 87/2010 for carrying out fire protection intumescent paint and elaborate workmanship certify documents required to obtain fire safety authorization.

CONARG CONSTRUCT is able and certified to provide full-range services, from calculating the necessary of intumescent paint, according to fire protection scenarios developed by IGSU, up to its final realization.

We are specialized in heat resistant paint coating for steel structures providing fire resistance with a range from 15 minutes to 240 minutes. We ensure a high temperature resistance of more than 700 ° C according to heat-resistant technical specifications of the products that are used.

For steel structure, fire protection calculation depends on four factors:

  • fire resistance time
  • size of the item that are to be protected;
  • critical temperature of steel element as it is determined by the structural engineer;
  • type and position of structural elements (columns, beams, etc.)

An accurate cost estimation for fire protection work is not comparing unit price of the product, but calculating the loading per square meter for each component product.

According to GD 571 / 08.10.2016, building and construction categories which are subject to approval and / or fire safety authorization, are the buildings or spaces that are designed in buildings suited for:

  • production or storage, agribusiness and agro-industrial, railway station, bus station, car parking;
  • catering, trade, leisure center;
  • offices, central and local authorities headquarters;
  • hotels, motels, tourist lodges, guesthouses;
  • culture, education, supervision, care or people accommodation / housing;
  • residential, new or existing;
  • hospitals, clinics, polyclinics;

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All products we use have ETA certification and are in line with European and national norms.


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