Test Tracks Renault Titu

2011 | Arges, ROMANIA

Conarg Group provided the following services in order for the project to develop flawlessly through the entire operation:


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Test Tracks Renault Titu


The Technical Centre in Titu, established in 2010, lies half the distance between the study offices in Bucharest and the plants in Mioveni. The Technical Centre in Titu is responsible for testing the vehicles and mechanical parts at the various stages of the Entry range projects. All vehicle performances are tested in the most diverse driving conditions.

The Technical Centre in Titu has 450 staff, covers 350 ha, of which 42,300 sq m built area, has tens of testing stands, 32 km of trails, tens of testing stands of all types: endurance, extreme cold, rain, sun exposure etc. 10 different types of trails to test different vehicle performances: downforce, speed, safety, behaviour, acoustic tests etc.

The testing centre’s technology makes it possible to use the same standards and validation criteria as for all Renault Group vehicles; in order to produce vehicles at the best level of performance, quality, comfort, safety and endurance.

The following are achieved in Titu during one year overall:

  • 8 million km, that is, 200 times the distance around the globe
  • 450,000 hours of tests on the testing stands, which are the equivalent of using a vehicle for 52 years


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